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Can I learn English in a month?
Is there a chance to learn English in one month, while others spend more than one year on it? There are. The main thing is to understand how much effort you need to make and what result you can achieve. In this article, I will share with you a few secrets of quickly learning a foreign language.

Learn English-means to get 4 new skills

The expression "learn English" people understand differently. Someone implies fluency in the language, akin to a native of the United States. Another believes that basic vocabulary and grammar skills are enough for this. In fact, learning a foreign language means mastering four skills:
A person who knows English should be able to do all of the above. Accordingly, he will not have any special difficulties when communicating with a foreigner or reading fiction in the original. However, the importance of these skills is not equal. If you are learning a language for traveling, you don't have to write your essays correctly. Therefore, most often the emphasis is on spoken English. It opens up prospects for career growth, expanding the circle of acquaintances, visiting different countries without an interpreter and not only. English has long been recognized as an international language, so knowing it, you will feel comfortable almost anywhere in the world.
How much is it possible to improve your spoken English in a month?
If you are promised that in a month you will be taught to speak English fluently-fluently, without mistakes and without thinking about the nuances of grammar, then you are being deceived. This is physically impossible, even for those who will devote all their free time to studying. However, diligent students can achieve significant results, comparable to those obtained by people who lazily learn English for several years. With the right approach, you will remember at least 1,500 words that make up the basic vocabulary. In addition, you will learn a lot of stable expressions, colloquial phrases that are appropriate in various situations. Daily study of a foreign language for 30 days will allow you to easily maintain a conversation with a foreigner on a daily topic, book a hotel room or order dinner in a restaurant. Agree, for someone who has devoted only a month to English, this is already a lot. The main thing is not to stop there and continue learning, only in this way you can improve your skills to the desired level. To achieve this success, you will have to study intensively, and most of the time you need to devote to conversational practice. The more you learn, train and communicate in English, the more confident you will feel abroad or in the company of English-speaking interlocutors.
Options for learning English in a month
So, you have decided what result you want to achieve in a month, now it is important to choose the right English courses. There are two main options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:
  1. Become a student of an English school abroad. The option is good at least because you are constantly in an English-speaking environment, which means that you constantly hear a foreign language and are forced to regularly practice spoken English yourself. For those who speak the language poorly, this situation is uncomfortable, but you go there for knowledge. And continuous training will surely give the desired result. However, the learning process will not be fast, partly due to the fact that the grammar will also be explained in English. The analysis of the theory will take a very long time, which is one of the main drawbacks. Another disadvantage is the relatively high cost of training.
  2. Sign up for an intensive English course in your city. But you should not choose one thoughtlessly. Only those who conduct at least 4-5 classes a week, lasting 5 hours, will suit you. The ratio of studying theory and practice is also important, it should be 20 to 80. Local courses, in fact, smooth out all the shortcomings of foreign schools.

Even if you have never studied English, or know it at the level of "hello, may name from...", in a month here you can really significantly improve your knowledge and visit an English-speaking country for the purpose of tourism without stress. In addition, such courses are inexpensive, and the effectiveness is hardly inferior to foreign ones. Pay enough attention to your studies and practice as much as possible.